TIGER TOOLS has gained acceptance in all major international markets due to consistent quality, safety and reliability. We at TIGER believe that the tools are to make your work simple, easy and safe. We therefore adopt stringent quality control right from selection of raw material, manufacturing to final packing. Our strength also comes from the approach of entire team to continuosly improve the product by adopting latest technology. The result is high quality TIGER hand Tool. We welcome valued suggestions from our customers for their feedback so that further improvements can be made.

INFRASTRUCTURE We owe our success to the state-of-the-art manufacturing at facilities right of from processing of raw materials to packaging of finished goods. We have fully equipped R&D Department recognized by the ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Production is performed with the latest manufacturing techniques and processes. Only materials based on specific characteristics and performance criteria are selected. We have committed the necessary resources to consistently produce products that exceed our accepted standards. For this reason, product inspections are executed throughout each interval of the manufacturing and processing operations. Following are the steps that would provide a comprehensive insight in to the steps involved in our production processes.

Stock, Blanking, Heating, Forging, Forged Piece, Broaching, Shot Blasting, Automatic Wrench Grinding, Adjustable Wrench Jaw Machining Center, Adjustable Wrench Hole Drilling Center, Induction Hardening, Vibratory Finishing, Electroplating, Powder Coating.


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